Submissions to See Sharp Press

See Sharp Press welcomes submissions. We look forward to considering yours. To save time, both yours and ours, and to ensure that we are an appropriate publisher, please carefully read the following guidelines.

How to Submit Manuscripts

Please send a query e-mail before sending anything else. Please do not include any attachments with your query. We discard e-mails containing unexpected attachments without opening them. Likewise, we will not accept unsolicited samples or manuscripts sent on CDs or DVDs.

If you receive a positive response to your query, please then send an outline and a sample chapter (or full ms. if so requested).

Please note that we will not accept simultaneous submissions. Also please realize that sending multiple submissions to small presses will not drive up the price for your ms. or the likelihood that it will be published. All it will do is give you a bad name and irritate publishers. (In certain niches, a lot of us know each other.)

Finally, if you haven't yet finished your book, feel free to send us a query describing your project. We'll tell you if we have interest, and we might make some suggestions, but that's as far as we'll go until we receive a second query following completion of your ms. (We do pay our authors advances prior to publication, but we do not pay advances for yet-to-be-completed works.)

Areas of Publication—Nonfiction

See Sharp Press publishes trade paperbacks in several niches. At present, we're accepting nonfiction submissions in the following areas:

  1. Music theory, music reference, and music instruction
  2. Anarchism
  3. Atheism
  4. Religious exposes
  5. Humor (espcially satire)

We'll also consider book-length nonfiction manuscripts in other areas, but we generally stick to the above niches.

Science Fiction

We publish social science fiction with an anarchist or atheist bent, and do not publish fantasy or military sci-fi. We take the "science" in science fiction seriously, and issue novels in which the scientific projections are plausible. To put this another way, we publish novels whose authors have something to say and who take the time to get the science right.

Nonpublication Areas

See Sharp Press does NOT publish the following types of materials:

  1. Poetry
  2. Books of essays
  3. Political treatises
  4. Philosophical treatises
  5. New age / metaphysical
  6. Religious
  7. 12-step "recovery"
  8. General self-help
  9. Photo collections
  10. "Literary" fiction
  11. Cookbooks
  12. Children's books

Please send queries to:

Chaz Bufe at info(at)seesharppress(dot)com

We normally answer queries within a day or two of receipt. If we request a sample chapter or full manuscript, we normally will reply within a month of receiving it.

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