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Upcoming Title

H.L. Mencken: An Acidic Anthology, Chris Edwards editor, cover graphic H.L. Mencken was America's most famous iconoclast of the first half of the 20th century. His targets included prudes and puritans, government intrusion into private life, fascism masquerading as patriotism and, especially, religious fundamentalism and quackery.

H.L. Mencken: An Acidic Anthology, edited by Chris Edwards, is the first new Mencken anthology in decades. In contrast with previous collections, it not only focuses on Mencken's most entertaining writings, but also on those most relevant today.

The book includes an introduction by Michael Shermer, editor of Skeptic magazine, and a foreword by Charles Bufe, author of Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?.

H.L. Mencken: An Acidic Anthology is scheduled for May 1, 2024 release.

Recent Titles

24 Reasons to Abandon Christianity, by Charles Bufe, cover graphic Taking up where Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great left off, 24 Reasons to Abandon Christianity, by Charles Bufe, goes far beyond exposing Christian misogyny, homophobia, antisemitism, and abuse of children.

24 Reasons also explores Christianity's inherent dishonesty, hypocrisy, cruelty, egocentrism, arrogance, authoritarianism, sexual morbidity, disdain for individual rights, disdain for nature, and more than a dozen other harmful Christian traits.

In short, 24 Reasons explains why Christian dogma and beliefs lead directly to all of these evils, and why Christianity must be abandoned.
The Strongman's Tale, by Chris Edwards, cover graphic The Strongman's Tale, by Chris Edwards, is our latest e-book-only sci-fi title. Set on a far-distant planet settled by Russian emigres, it straddles the line between science fiction and fantasy; set in a circus environment, it's a vividly described coming-of-age tale.

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