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We are not accepting Mail Orders until further notice

Until the plague subsides, we're self-isolating. It would be irresponsible to go to the p.o., so until further notice please order any and all of our books directly from our distributor Independent Publishers Group.

Book Sale — All Physical Books 50% Off — ends soon

All of our physical books are 50% off when ordered on this site or by mail. This is a great time to save big on all of our new and recent titles, such as Death Wins All Wars (now $8.47), by Daniel Holland, Corrupted Science (now $9.99), by John Grant, and Venezuelan Anarchism: The History of a Movement (now $8.47), by Rodolfo Montes de Oca, and also on our very popular music instructional and reference books, such as The Drummer's Bible: How to Play Every Drum Style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco, by Mick Berry and Jason Gianni (now only $17.47 for the best-selling drum title published this century), and Musical Instrument Design (now $9.97), by Bart Hopkin.

Anarchist and Atheist Pamphlet Sale

We're currently having a 60% to 70% off sale on our Anarchist and Atheist pamphlet collections. All 8 of our Anarchist pamphlets are now just $8.00; all 18 of our Atheist pamphlets are now just $15.00; and all 26 anarchist and atheist pamphlets are now just $20.00.

We're down to a handful of several of the pamphlets, and won't be reprinting them. So if you're thinking about ordering any of the pamphlet collections, now would be a good time to do it.

New Titles

Our latest title is just back from the printer: Death Wins All Wars, Daniel Holland's memoir of draft resistance, organizing, and protest during the Viet Nam war.

R.M. Ryan, the author of There's a Man with a Gun Over There, says this of the book: "Daniel Holland's memoir of his days as a draft resister in the late 1960s offers a step-by-step account of ordinary bravery in the face of unconscionable lies by the US government. Men like Holland faced prison sentences as the price of their resistance. Filled with an improbable combination of sweetness, good humor, and fear, Holland's story reads like a letter from the frontlines of the anti-war movement."

Paul Krassner, legendary Yippee activist and editor of The Realist, has this to say: "The absurdity of today's political and ideological world demands Resistance. The way Daniel Holland responded to the absurdity of the Sixties may well provide a guidepost. Travel with him now to the past and see what the future may bring."

Our other new title, Venezuelan Anarchism: The History of a Movement, by Rodolfo Montes de Oca, is now available. It should be of major interest to those interested in anarchist history and also to those interested in the history of Venezuela. Both Venezuelan Anarchism and our previous Venezuela title, Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle, by Rafael Uzcátegui, provide essential background information for anyone who wants to understand the political situation in Venezuela. Daniel Baret, author of Los sediciosos despertares de la Anarquia (Anarchy's Seditious Awakening) has this to say of the book:

"Rodolfo Montes de Oca has unearthed an unknown history. He shows the arc of Venezuelan anarchism from its most distant antecedents to the contemporary. It's an ambitious examination that can only be compared to Frank Fernández's Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement.


We're currently at work on Chris Mato Nunpa's The Great Evil: Christianity, the Bible, and the Native American Genocide. This book pulls back the veils on a nearly unknown and shocking chapter in American history. The book is now scheduled for January 1, 2020.

Our Blog

Sharp and Pointed features new writing by many of our authors—opinion pieces on politics and religion, science fiction reviews, cartoons, quotations, tips on writing, and much more. We're once again adding new material on a fairly regular basis, so check it out — you might enjoy it.

Hiatus on Submissions

See Sharp Press will not be accepting manuscript submissions from new authors until further notice. (We will, though, continue to accept submissions from our current authors.)

The primary reason for this is that since I founded it 35 years ago, See Sharp Press has been a one-man operation, with yours truly doing all of the work, but for sometimes hiring graphic artists, editors, and publicists on a contract basis.

And I need a break.

Since 1984, See Sharp has published 50 books, an equivalent number of pamphlets, and, of late, a number of e-books. I've been working almost continuously the entire time, often putting in 50-, 60-, even 70-hour work weeks, and it's been 23 years since I took a vacation.

We have three very good books in the pipeline, and they'll all appear within the coming year. Once they're out and I've had some time to rest and finish work on three of my own books, it's quite possible See Sharp will once again begin accepting manuscript submissions.

If and when that happens, we'll notify you on this site and on the See Sharp Press blog.

In the meantime, we'll continue publishing new material on the blog, and the already contracted books will appear on schedule.

Best wishes to all,
Chaz Bufe
See Sharp Press


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